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Powerful File Backup, PowerBuilder, Capture, Games, Video/Audio Tools!

Sick of losing files and need a backup?  Constantly wondering if you're working on the latest code? Tired of crashing when you try to run your app during check in or check out?  Want to easily build Powerbuilder applications?  Want to synchronize files from your laptop to your PC?  Let IncrediForce utilities help you!
Creator Christopher

Hot Potato

Paint Together
IncrediEdit XML - Edit HTML/XML, built with Incredi
IncrediWeb - IE WebControl Browser AllOneBand style.
Magic Card Trick - very cool Math magic.

My first multi-player game.  It's a hot potato, and it's free. Get rid of the potato by selecting a person, then click PassThePotato. The more players, the more potatoes. Be quick. Game tracks your last 10 hold-times, so competition is ever-lasting.  More Download

IncrediCapture Screen Editor Review - FreeSharewareDepot

Windows Audio Router
Route your inputs to your outputs any configuration. Free version limited to 1 route on your system. Music from your line in - route it to the speakers instantly.  Download it now.  (More info - Windows Audio Router)

IncrediCapture Screen
Screen Capture.  Specializes in low disk space.  Simple to use - you'll be recording in under 1 minute, and love the results.
Free version is fully functional, but limited to ad/10 minutes recording.

File SyncForce, SourceForce, FileForce, PB SyncForce
Now with SourceForce (Source Control Versioning System) and FTP and Powerbuilder support, File SyncForce is a state-of-the-art program that performs file synchronization between PCs, hard drives, client/server networks, and laptops.  Download it now.  Or view dozens of hours of online videos.  File SyncForce performs automatic scheduled syncs and versioning operations while you are running other programs. Protect your vital corporate data while easing local development and minimizing network traffic! (more info)

Object Explorer
Object Explorer

This powerful Powerbuilder utility displays applications, libraries, and objects by file directory, hierarchy, or application library. This is the only program that performs global search and replace throughout an entire application!

Object Explorer is the easiest and fastest way to search your libraries for any piece of code you can't find! Now available in three versions to fit your programming needs: Plus, Standard, and Executive! (more info)

IntelliGen is a Powerbuilder utility to simplify the building and installation process.
  • Build Powerbuilder EXEs.
  • Build Powerbuilder PBDs/DLLs.
  • Regenerate/Rebuild your applications
  • Optimize your libraries.
  • Safe for using multiple Powerbuilder versions.(more info)