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This powerful Powerbuilder utility builds multiple applications, libraries, and objects, generating EXEs and PBDs/DLLs.  IntelliGen has options for incremental and full builds, using regererate or rebuild (re-import), building a Win 32/16 PBD or DLL, then moving the final output to an install directory.

If you are building many applications, IntelliGen is a must-have for every PowerBuilder programmer!


IntelliGenProfile.gif (26031 bytes) IntelliGenApplication.gif (28319 bytes)
Profile View Application View
  • Build all your Powerbuilder EXEs under one profile with one click.
  • Build Powerbuilder PBDs/DLLs.
  • Regenerate/Rebuild your applications
  • Optimize your libraries.
  • Safe for using multiple Powerbuilder versions.